COVID-19 Update (24/04/20)

In consideration for the health, welfare and safety of our staff and customers, as well as UK Government advice to curb the spread of COVID-19. Our supply chain is starting to open back us, although every care will be taken from the warehouse to the delivery of your order.

All orders made from today will be shipped although it be longer than normal. All orders will be shipped when possible and we have put time frames of 3-5 days, our deals will remain the same, the offer of the free radiator will remain the same so nothing will change.

Some ranges are still on stop due to some suppliers being closed, if an order is placed we will endeavour to offer alternatives on a like for like basis or we will update you on when your order can be expected. In the meantime, the priority has to be the health and well being of all of us; friends, families and customers together, and we urge you all to stay safe.

Please feel free to call the team on 029 22 679 749 should you want to check stocks prior to ordering.

Thank you everyone, and your understanding during these tough times.


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