Ideas for optimising space in a small bathroom

Optimising space and using clever visual tricks allows you to make the most out of the space in your small bathroom. With small changes to your tile choices, storage solutions and style of bathroom suite, you can keep your bathroom both stylish and practical

1. Creating more open space with round baths and wall-mounted units

The choice of bath, shower, toilet and sink is critical for your space. There are endless styles to suit all different tastes, so it’s difficult to know where to start.

If your bathroom is a little cramped, you may want to look for a freestanding bath rather than a built in one. The empty space a rounded bath exposes around the sides and legs helps to increase the sense of space. Whereas a bath which is built-in can cut off this perception of space, showing less of the wall which makes the room feel smaller.

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Wall-mounted vanity units also help to prevent any illusion of space being lost, whilst giving you some much needed storage space too.

These units also make it much easier to clean the floors and can tidy away any unsightly pipework.

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2. Use tiles to create interest without wasting space

Tiles are a brilliant way to add interest and some personal flair to your small bathroom without needing to comprise storage space or add clutter.

Hexagon tiles are a very popular trend of today, creating a subtle design feature, without dominating the space. They can be found in all kinds of colours and sizes, so there is plenty of choice to suit your taste. If you want to enhance them, you can pair them with other hexagonal accessories, such as a mirror (which also helps a room feel more spacious) or contrast them with another tile to create dimension.

Pinnacle Plumbers, from Bridgend, recently used this look, contrasting grey hexagon tiles with an industrial chic white tile and black grout for a sophisticated but not overwhelming look.

Patterned tiles are perfect if you want to make more of a statement. You can either repeat the same pattern or mix and match for a Moroccan inspired look.

Patterns add depth to the room and are visually striking. If you want to tone down the pattern, you can go for one neutral colour all over, or for a big statement, mix and match different colours and pattern variations.

Grouting can also make a big difference. White grouting is often used in smaller bathrooms to keep the whole space light and airy. However, you can add a subtle interest by using pale-coloured grouting, like baby blue or a light pink.

Black grouting is also a popular choice nowadays for a modern and industrial look. You could also try other deeper tones, like a rich red or warm grey for a twist on this style.


3. Lighting

Lighting is a commonly used trick to add the illusion of space. LED mirrors are a brilliant way to integrate extra lighting that you won’t even notice when its off. The lighting makes the mirror appear to float. It is also the perfect solution if you do your make up in the bathroom and need extra lighting for that.

BathroomfittersUK on Instagram recently fitted a bathroom featuring one of these mirrors. The bright light of the LEDs really lifts the whole space and gives it a super sleek and modern finish.

There are a wide range of LED mirror styles available, our selection can be found here:

4. Storage solutions

Planning in storage solutions is probably the most important thing to consider if you are designing a small bathroom. Simple accessories, like a bath tray, can help to optimise unused space as well as presenting an opportunity to style your bathroom.

Using units that can cleverly utilise underused space, like our tall bathroom units, are great ways to neatly store extra towels, cleaning supplies or your bathroom products. We have freestanding and wall hung options available for these types of cabinets, so you can select which will work best for your space.

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