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Good morning all,

In August 2022, in order to support the business whilst I was on my first holiday in 3 years, we arranged an offline telephone answering service to make sure our levels remained as high, as I would expect for our customers.

We have had a lot of feedback, I've read negative reviews and I need to apologise and confirm that this service has now been deactivated. We are a small team, dealing with a lot of customers daily, my expectations for Tradeprices is to provide the very best aftercare for all our customers old and new.

Its been exceptionally hard for me to read the reviews, and the feedback I have read recently is not what I want for this company. I want better and even with a small team, I want customers to be able to reach out and speak to us when its needed, there are too many company's even in our sector who don't even have a customer service line, and its wrong, if things need attention or people need to speak to people then that's what needs to happen.

With a hand on my heart, please accept my sincere apologies if we have caused communication issues to you regarding an enquiry, a new order or because something is just not right, please accept my apologies.

Take Care


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