Wet Room Inspiration

Wet room or standard bathroom?

Struggling to choose between a wet room or a traditional shower tray? A wet room offers a stylish and modern look and great accessibility, with no slippery steps to trip on. They also make the most out of every bit of space in the bathroom and the one-level floor also means that mopping is a breeze!

Whilst the traditional tray is often the more cost-effective choice, our top styling tips will help you get the most from a wet room, without breaking the bank.

Smoked wet room panels

Smoked shower panels, whether used in a traditional shower or a wet room, make for a contemporary and striking design feature. The smoked effect also gives an element of privacy, without needing to clutter the room with messy curtains. As many bathrooms have white tiling, the black panel offers contrast and breaks up the space without completely closing it off, giving you the full view of the room, without it feeling cold and empty.

If your bathroom is a little cramped, you may want to look for a freestanding bath rather than a built in one. The empty space a rounded bath exposes around the sides and legs helps to increase the sense of space. Whereas a bath which is built-in can cut off this perception of space, showing less of the wall which makes the room feel smaller.

wet room panels

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Walk-through shower

A walk-through shower takes the idea of a wet room to the next level. Not only is there no tray on the floor causing a ‘barrier’, but you can also fully walk through either side of the shower. This is a brilliant option for accessibility. If someone you live with needs additional assistance in the shower, this provides excellent access whilst simultaneously being a modern and stylish bathroom feature.

There is also the added benefit of having only one shower panel to clean, which is always a bonus!

walk through shower

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Statement fittings

If you want to make a subtle style statement without splashing out on bespoke bathroom suites, swapping in black fittings might be for you. This industrial-style look is still going strong and incorporates black fittings against a light-coloured background, mimicking the warehouses and factories which inspired this popular design trend. This style can be dialled up or down to suit your preferences, making sure your bathroom is totally suited to you.

statement fittings

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Panelled shower screen

For a more striking feature, a panelled shower screen is a great option. Depending on how you choose to style your room, this can easily adapt into an industrial, modern, or even Japanese inspired bathroom. There is minimum framing and support needed for these screens when installing in a corner or alcove, allowing for the frame itself to stand out without fittings drawing away any attention.

panelled shower screen

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Wall-mounted storage

There are additional things to consider when planning a wet room. You want to avoid any units touching the ground, as they are more likely to become damaged if in contact with the wet floor for extended periods of time. Wall mounted units offer a simple solution for this, with storage space completely off the floor and away from the risk of damp. They are also a great modern storage solution, which not only makes the room feel bigger but allows for less awkward corners to clean.

wall mounted bathroom storage

Example of wall hung vanity unit are available here

Finishing touches

Often, the finishing touches are what will really make a bathroom stand out from the rest. Carefully selecting items such as radiators, mirrors, taps and even toothbrush holders will give your bathroom that quality look. We offer a range of these items, including black taps for an industrial look, LED mirrors to add light and a more spacious feel and unique radiators to keep you warm as well as adding another feature to the room.

bathroom black tap

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