What are Whirlpool or AirSpa Baths?

Relax, take time out for yourself. It can be hard to put yourself first when you have to juggle work, family life and all the other things that keep us busy in our day-to-day lives.

As we all know, one of the best ways to relax and unwind is to climb into a lovely warm bath at the end of the day and let our muscles soak. In an ordinary bath a film of water hugs the body, quickly cooling to your body’s temperature. This 'film' slows the transfer of heat into the body so the muscles might not be as relaxing as they should and bodies aren't re-energising.

Why choose Aquair?

Our range of outstanding Aquair whirlpool baths offer the same exceptional quality you have come to expect from Trojan with the added features of a relaxing spa experience.

Quality Components

All components of our whirlpool bath are produced by world renowned experts in whirlpool design and technology. Water is drawn from the bath and forced back through jets. The systems use flexible pipe work, which is smooth, so not as to retain water, yet strong enough to withstand any sagging.

System Choice

We offer a variety of water and air systems which can also be combined to create the ultimate wellness system. In addition there are a number of different options and upgrades to personalise your bath to your needs.

 Aquair is Different?

Hydrotherapy is a proven therapeutic way of using water to relax the body and release stress and tension. Hydrotherapy allows for immediate heat transfer, relaxing tense muscles and increasing blood flow to all tissues. The warmth has a sedative effect on nerve endings and therefore may assist in pain relief and alleviate discomfort. Nerves carry what is felt by the skin deeper into the body, where it is then vital in stimulating the immune system, influencing the production of stress hormones, improving circulation and digestion, encouraging the flow of blood and lessening the body’s sensitivity to pain. The buoyancy effect also allows more freedom and comfort of movement to joints and muscles.

So, for a truly relaxing bathing experience that leaves you feeling as if you’re walking on air, Trojan Plastics new Aquair range of whirlpool baths is a must.

How about Whirlpool?

Trojan Whirlpool baths provide you with a spa like experience everyday. With options available in single ended, double ended, shower baths and corner baths there really is a whirlpool option for every bathroom.

All Trojan whirlpool baths are made from their Premium Grade finished acrylic. This is stronger than a standard Trojan bath and has insulating properties, which is perfect as you'll be spending longer in the bath. You can also chose a Trojancast bath and make this a whirlpool. The Trojan Whirlpool systems are all fitted by Trojan, so any configuration of jets and extras can be added to any Trojan bath. Whilst we keep many options in stock and ready to ship, if you don't see the combination you like on our site, give us a call and we can price this up for you.

All components of the whirlpool baths are produced by Kohler, a world renowned expert in whirlpool technology and design. All whirlpool systems from Trojan include ‘child safety suction’, meaning if any object is caught or pressed against the suction grill, suction will cease until the obstruction is removed. Tested to BS EN 12764:2004+A1:2008. 

Whirlpool System Options

6 Jet - 3 midi jets each side of the bath, 8 Jet - 4 midi jets each side of the bath, 12 Jet - 12 air jets in the base of the bath complete with a heater for a longer bathing experience, 14 Jet - 3 midi jets each side of the bath and 4 micro jets each end of the bath, 18 Jet - 3 midi jets each side of the bath with 12 air jets in the base of the bath with a heater for a longer bathing experience and 26 jets -3 midi jets each side of the bath and 4 micro jets each end of the bath with 12 air jets in the base of the bath with a heater for a longer bathing experience

Additional Extras

Choose from an array of extras to take your whirlpool bath to the next relaxation level. These include Bluetooth connection, Ozonator, Chromotherapy lighting, In Line water heater, LED light, Overflow filler and Electronic upgrade.

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