Fitting new bathrooms or new floors can sometimes be a difficult task, however if the right trade is found, then that hassle is made far simpler.

Tradeprices has Teamed up with to provide a unique service where vetted, and certified trades can be provided to install any of our products at your home.

Fitting Services

No services, quotes or prices of installation are provided by This is a simply an introduction to Trades in your area, to assist in the installation of your chosen product at your home. Trades who have been vetted and registered with have been used and approved by over 4.6 million customers UK wide.

All Checkatrade members are thoroughly vetted before they are displayed on there website. Over the years the vetting requirements have been improved and adapted to keep up with government legislation and current laws as well to keep up with Checkatrades own continuously raising standards. On each of the Checkatrades members’ pages you will be able to see exactly which checks have been carried out and what checks have been passed.

Contact details of the very best registered trades will be provided to you, contact will be made by yourself and installation costs are to be agreed with you at your own home, by your chosen trade.

So why Checkatrade?

Checkatrade runs strict background checks on tradespeople before they can become members. Once they join, members agree to have feedback from their customers put online for all to see. Checkatrade have published over 4,647,429 reviews from the public to date, tis feedback is critical in you finding the very best, the selectrion process should be done at your home to allow time to view and seek your chosen trade. See the Checkatrade FAQs for there process on how they publish feedback.

Members promise to meet The Checkatrade Standard.

No other directory of tradespeople uses this model. The background checks and public feedback ensure that only reliable and trusted tradespeople get work through Checkatrade. They make sure that you can find someone outstanding to get the job done.

Will this have any effect on my Product Warranty?

We provide a varied product guarantee from 1 year to lifetime Guarantee. This guarantee only effects manufacturing defects and damage caused at installation is not covered under the Tradeprices Guarantee.All items damaged in transit, or any item that is covered under the warranty provided by the manufacturer remains the same. Therefore any damage caused by your chosen installer will be at your own risk, but will be covered under the Checkatrade Standard as liability insurance is provided by all trades vetted by them.

This is why we support and its standard, to provide you with the vert best vetted trades available in your area.

Once you checkout with your selected products, and installation assistance is needed. Please contact our Tradeprices team on 02922 679 749 who will provide you contact details of the very best, vetted trades in your area.