A unique designer kitchen featuring high gloss, slabstyle units that make a bold statement. Parma offers a stylish living space that blends elegance and urban chic with functionality and durability. Frosted glass fascias for all Parma kitchens.

A unique designer kitchen featuring high gloss, slab-style units that make a bold statement with functionality and durability. Parma uses a durable PVC high gloss foil which is pressed around all sides of the door, giving an extremely practical, easy to clean surface – without compromising on the finished design.

The reflective qualities of this high gloss finish make the most of the natural light in your kitchen, giving it a clean and airy feel. It’s a simple and elegant design that’s hardwearing enough to stand the rigours of family life.

Softly curved feature doors for that extra touch of luxury.Frosted glass fascias available for all Parma kitchens.

Get the Look - This Parma kitchen comes in a stunning Mirrored Gloss White, with the grey Silvergrain laminate worktop, the Slimline and stunnig Zeta 1.5 bowl, topped off with the stunning Brecon River Oak Waterproof Laminate which is perfect for Kitchen.

Available in - Gloss White.