REFLEXION enclosures express the art of simplicity.

All our fittings have been engineered to enable any enclosure to be installed quickly and easily — great news for whoever is fitting it! — and the same fittings are either fully concealed (in our Classix range) or totally hidden (in our Iconix and Flex ranges) giving a seamless appearance.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning the Easy Clean coating prevents the build up of water marks and other dirt, and our quick release rollers give you full access to every part of our glass panels for a complete clean.

The REFLEXION range has something for everyone, so whether you want a straight-edged or a quadrant, or you want a hinge door, bifold, sliding or pivot door, or perhaps no door at all, we have every enclosure type for you to choose from.

And because we understand that our customers also want choice when it comes to price, we offer the same diversity of styles with three clear product ranges so you can choose the right one for your budget.

Whether you are doing a complete bathroom refit, creating a new en-suite or updating an existing bathroom, our enclosures are completely versatile in their appearance, shape and size.

Whatever your ideas are for bathroom furniture, tiles and other fittings, our enclosures will complement and accentuate your style perfectly making REFLEXION the clear choice for your particular plans.

And if you need inspiration for your ideas we have a complete range of every enclosure type for you to consider.