S8 8mm Shower Enclosure Sliding Door

SKU: TP|HARR|4804|1

Size: 1000mm


Escape to your own sanctuary with the Harrisons S8 sliding shower enclosure door, which keeps your bathroom dry and keeps the warmth inside behind 8mm thick safety-glass. 8mm enclosures feel stronger and safer than thinner versions, and the Harrisons S8 also features an 'Acqua Shield' finish.

Acqua Shield is an invisible coating that repels bacteria, water, soap scum, and limescale. This protection not only makes your bathroom far more hygienic, but means you spend less time cleaning. Even when you do need to clean, quick release bottom runners make everything effortless.

Soft open buffers ensure your enclosure door shuts gently, smoothly, and without impact.


  • Acqua Shield coating repels bacteria & limescale
  • 40mm adjustment fits easy against out-of-true (askew) walls
  • Toughened safety glass protects you and your bathroom
  • 8mm thick feels, and is, stronger
  • Quick release runners for easy deep-cleaning
  • Aluminium edges for strength and durability
  • Magnetic door seal shuts smoothly in place
  • Door Opening is Universal and can be right or left

    Dimensions: 6 sizes available.

    • H 1900 x W 1000 x D 8mm
    • H 1850 x W 1000 x D 8mm
    • H 1850 x W 1200 x D 8mm
    • H 1900 x W 1400 x D 8mm
    • H 1900 x W 1600 x D 8mm
    • H 1900 x W 1700 x D 8mm

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