Harrisons Underfloor Heating

SKU: TP|HARR|12610|1W0|Y

Mat Area (M²): 1 (Width 0.5m x Length 2m)
Add Touchscreen wi-fi thermostat in Black: Yes


Minimum floor thickness can be important in renovation processes in order to avoid extra work on doors and thresholds. For these projects our Harrisons Mat range is the ideal product. The heating mat consists of a thin twin conductor heating cable attached to an adhesive flexible glass fibre net. The thin heating cable has a total thickness of only 4mm, is delivered with a 2.5m cold lead and has a width of 0.5m.

The 100W/m² mat can be installed on any type of levelled and stable sub floor, and can also be used under parquet or other wooden floor coverings. The 200W/m² must be installed on a non-combustible leveled and stable sub floor.

With all our products we recommend the use of our Harrisons Thermostatic Controller thermostat with a temperature limiting function, Bluetooth connectivity to make it simple for you to change the heating to your preferred temperature with its built in timer.


  • Designed for fast and simple installation
  • Even heat distribution across whole floor
  • The 200W/m2 mats are suitable for primary or secondary heating in bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms
  • Self-adhesive mesh design
  • Cost efficient way to heat home
  • Suitable for tile, stone, slate and marble floor finishes
  • Suitable for use in wet areas
  • EMC safe
  • Fully compliant with 17th edition regulations

Clearly Shown in the diagram above, the heat source generated from the underfloor system provides a far more efficient heat distribution pattern, cutting down on the time and money needed to achieve a comfortable environment.

Wattage Guide

1 (Width 0.5m x Length 2m)  200 Watts
1.5 (Width 0.5m x Length 3m)  300 Watts
2 (Width 0.5m x Length 4m)  400 Watts
2.5 (Width 0.5m x Length 5m)  500 Watts
3 (Width 0.5m x Length 6m)  600 Watts
3.5 (Width 0.5m x Length 7m)  700 Watts
4 (Width 0.5m x Length 8m)  800 Watts
5 (Width 0.5m x Length 10m)  1000 Watts
6 (Width 0.5m x Length 12m)  1200 Watts
7 (Width 0.5m x Length 14m)  1400 Watts
8 (Width 0.5m x Length 16m)  1600 Watts
9 (Width 0.5m x Length 18m)  1800 Watts
10 (Width 0.5m x Length 20m)  2000 Watts
12 (Width 0.5m x Length 24m)  2200 Watts

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