Niagara Equate Brushed Brass Concealed Shower Valve with Deluxe Round Slide Rail Kit

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Niagara Equate Brushed Brass Concealed Shower Valve with Deluxe Round Slide Rail Kit a name that conjures images of chrome, power, and quality; a fitting name for this particular shower bundle.

This shower features an incredibly durable, weighty, and precise concealed thermostat that allows easy control over the temperature and flow of your shower handset. The handset is held by a strong rigid riser and is adjustable for comfort, disconnecting smoothly when you want more control while washing.

Whats in this Pack

  • Deluxe Round Slide Rail Kit - Niagara Equate Deluxe Brushed Brass Round Slide Rail Kit With Adjustable Handset
  • Round Valve - Niagara Equate Brushed Brass Concealed Twin Valve Round Handles
  • Outlet - Round - Niagara Brushed Brass Round Shower Outlet


Brushed Brass Finish
Round Slide Rail Kit
1.5m Length Hose
Brass Body
Twin Concealed Shower Valve
Thermostatic Cartridge and 3/4" Quarter Turn Cartridge
Dual Control
Automatic shut-off in the event of cold water supply failure, to
prevent scalding
Tempurature factory set to 38ºC
Rail Kit: 2 Year guarantee
Valve: 10 Year guarantee
Outlet Elbow: 2 Year guarantee
3.572 (kg) Gross Weight

Working Pressures

  • Min Pressure: 0.5 bar
  • Max Pressure: 5 bar
  • Best Performance: 3 bar

Flow Rates

  • 0.5 Bar: 6.8 litres per minute
  • 1 Bar: 9.5 litres per minute
  • 3 Bar: 14.3 litres per minute

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