Triton Dene Sequential Thermostatic Mixer Shower in Chrome




Upgrade your old and underachieving shower with the brand new Dene Sequential Mixer Shower from Triton Showers. This sequential mixer shower allows for complete control over your showering experience and will look fantastic in any bathroom setting, modern or traditional.

The Dene Sequential mixer is a little different from the rest of the Dene range as it only includes one control valve. The easy to operate single control valve is for temperature adjustment, the flow is a constant and powerful. For that added peace of mind, this shower uses thermostatic temperature control, this essentially means the water will stay at a comfortable and constant temperature (unless of course, you change it!) even if you have varying water pressure.  This is a fantastic safety feature for those with families, no more dramatic temperature changes.

For a guaranteed long and lengthy life, the Dene Sequential Mixer has a high quality and robust build of stainless steel that will withstand the needs of everyday use. The stainless steel is then coated in stunning chrome, that will absolutely dazzling with other chrome accessories in your bathroom. The chrome isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, it also provides a protective barrier against rust. Complete with a fantastic 5 year guarantee.

Features and benefits:

  • Single control valve for temperature adjustment
  • Suitable for all water systems, including gravity fed
  • All chrome finish – for an eye-catching effect
  • A solid stainless steel construction
  • Provides a powerful and invigorating flow
  • WRAS approved
  • Supplied with all fittings and fixtures for a quick and easy installation
  • Complete with a brilliant 5 year guarantee

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