Triton T80ZFF Thermo Fast Fit Electric Shower - White / Chrome

SKU: TP|TRIT|1840|85

Power: 8.5kw


Simple, clean lines in your shower unit translate to a simple, easy-to-use shower that will make a wonderful addition to your bathroom. If you are looking for no-fuss cleansing and low-maintenance design, this could be the product for you.

Making use of Dura-FlowTM technology, this compact unit is able to reduce the build up of limescale, so that you can enjoy long, hot showers as often as you’d like without the fear of having to clean out your shower unit on a regular basis. This helps to extend the life of your shower by up to 80%, making for a product that is as durable as it is enjoyable.

Water temperature is maintained with thermostatic control, so that you are always comfortable whilst showering and features such as an adjustable riser rail and large multi-spray pattern shower head allow you to customise the flow to your liking, so that you always step out of the bathroom clean and smiling.

These electric showers are as easy to install as they are to use. Adjusting to most bathroom set-ups, it includes a swing wiring block for left or right cable connections, a dual water inlet for pipe connection on either side and multiple entry points. It is also available in a number of kW ratings, so you can choose the model that best suits your water pressure.

Shower Fixings Kit Features:

  • Easy installation with included fixtures and fittings and adjustable connections.
  • Dura-FlowTM technology for a long-lasting, cleaner product.
  • Thermostatic control for perfect water temperature maintenance.
  • Riser rail and multi-spray shower head as standard.
  • Two-year guarantee.

Our white, compact unit gives your bathroom a minimalist, modern feel, while ensuring you are clean, warm and comfortable every time you shower. High-technology meets simple style and easy-to-use functionality that is sure to delight.

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