Trojan Orlando 1500mm 8 Jet Whirlpool Corner Bath


Handing: Right Hand


This Trojan Orlando Corner Bath can be a standard, everyday bath, or a whirlpool or airpool bathtub that allows you to enjoy the comfort of a spa at home.

With this bath's wrap around front and corner shape, you can fit this large bath into even a regular size bathroom with relative ease. Measuring 1500mm x 1000mm, this bath is able to hold up to 160 litres and keep them warm and bubbling thanks to its Ammanzonite reinforced acrylic construction.

Please note our Whirlpool Corner Baths are a made to order product and the lead times are 4 weeks.


  •  Water capacity approx 160 litres estimated up to the overflow
  •  Made in the UK from 100% sanitary grade cast acrylic. Trojan whirlpool and spa baths are upgraded to our Premier Finish - this means they have increased levels of reinforcement and can retain heat for longer
  •  8 jet whirlpool system fully installed - featuring 4 medium sized jets down each side of the bath with a pneumatic on/off switch (whirlpool pump & pipework included)
  •  All our whirlpool systems include ‘child safety suction’, meaning if any object is caught or pressed against the suction grill, suction will cease until the obstruction is removed
  •  Bespoke bath legs and waste fittings are factory fitted
  •  Trojan baths are manufactured & tested to meet and exceed the European & British Standard EN198/BS4305
  • Please note that our Whirlpool baths, they can take between 4-6 weeks.
  • Panel Not Included


  •  Length 1500mm
  •  Width 1060mm
  •  Height 560mm
  •  Depth 420mm
  •  Thickness 5mm

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