Victoria Black Tiles 330mm x 330mm

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Cool, calm and contemporary are just some of the words that describe these stylish Victorian style tiles. Featuring a subtle grey crest effect, you can add a luxurious element to our overall decor with these rectangular wall tiles.

This porcelain tile has a flat texture and is available in a matt finish making it a great choice for creating a natural stone effect style, complimentary in any room.

These tiles measure 33xm x 33cm and are sold in full boxes of 1m2.. We would highly recommend ordering slightly more tiles than you actually require for complete coverage. This is due to breakages that can occur when tiling and those that may occur in the future.


  • Tile SurfaceTile Surface - Wall & FloorProduct Code
  • Weight (kg): 1.82kg
  • Tile Depth - 8mm
  • Tile Size: 33cm x 33cm Square
  • Surface: Interior Wall, Interior Floor
  • Matt Finish
  • Porcelain
  • Sutible for Underfloor Heating

    Tile Care

    With highly textured surfaces the use of BAL Protective Sealer may be required. Please ask in store for more details.
    Once tiles have been fitted all residues must be removed from the surface of the tile, it is important to use the correct cleaner for this.

    Initial Clean (Within 30 minutes of grouting)
    For removal of cementitious residues within 10-30 minutes of grouting use Fila Instant Grout Remover

    Directions for use: After grouting, wait approximately 10-30 minutes (see the grout manufacturer’s instructions) until grout has thickened and become opaque. Carry out an initial clean of the tile surface with a damp sponge. Working in small areas of 1m², spray Instant Remover evenly over the surface and leave for 2 minutes. Clean using a damp sponge.

    Initial Clean (After 30 minutes of grouting)
    For removal of cementitious residues after 30 minutes of grouting use Fila First Wash Extra Strong

    Directions for use: Dilute 1:5 in clean water and spread the solution over the tiles with a cloth. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Use a green emulsifying pad and work the solution over the surface. Clean up the residue and rinse thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

    A second application maybe necessary to remove any existing residue
    This product should not be used neat as the dilution with water activates the ingredients of the cleaner. Always perform a test in a small portion of the surface to verify the acid resistance of the surface.

    For removal of epoxy residues use Fila Tile & Stone Stain Remover

    Apply Fila Tile & Stone Stain Remover undiluted to the surface of the tiles with a cloth. Leave to act for 20 minutes then using an abrasive sponge work the solution over the surface. Clean up the residue and rinse with plenty of clean water.

    Do not use on polished Natural Stone, Wood, Acrylic or Plastic surfaces.

    Routine Maintenance
    It is important to regularly maintain the surface of your tiles to prevent the build-up of deposits, to do this use our pH neutral Fila Tile & Stone Cleaner.

    Directions for use: Dilute 2 capfuls in to 4 litres of clean water. Apply to the surface and wash using a cloth or large brush and leave to dry; no need to rinse. Covers 100m2 of wall or floor surfaces.

    To maintain the life of your grout use Fila Grout Protector.

    Once grout is completely dry apply the product directly to the grout joint, if using the spray hold the bottle approximately 10-15cm away from the surface area.
    Working in small areas (1m2), use a sponge or brush to aid the products penetration over the grout lines. Remove any excess product or smears from the tiles within a 5 minute period using a clean cloth or kitchen roll. Any remaining residues on the surface can be removed with Fila Tile & Stone Cleaner.
    Any dry residues that were not removed during application can be removed with Fila Tile & Stone Cleaner.

    Acidic or highly alkaline cleaners are NOT recommended for the regular maintenance of this tile

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